In 1875, there was a major change from the first trade in the Bombay Stock Exchange on the Indian Stock Exchange. The initial business process was an emerging method and complex. With the discovery of online trading, the Indian market has opened doors for many investors and traders, who trade on both BSE and NSE.
The stock market analysis is essential to earning profits from the business and there is nothing more useful than tracking the stock market to buy or sell stocks at the right price. The Indian stock market is extremely volatile and therefore traders have to rely on market analysis to achieve success in their business.
Anyone can open an online trading account and start trading immediately after the application is approved. Merchants can get accurate guidance while doing business through stock tips and tips available on the website. Anyone can open an online trading account and start trading immediately after the application is approved. Merchants can get accurate guidance while doing business through stock tips and tips available on the website.
On the JS Securities, traders can view the stock market live, see news related to the stock market, search and study market research reports, check the data of various stocks from BSE and NSE, and can know about and invest in new investment opportunities.

Why Equities?

Long-term wealth creation

There are many advantages of investing in equity for long periods, this is the reason why you have invested in your bank account:

One of the best avenues to fight inflation

Inflation increases the value of life and removes your savings costs. Traditional investments such as fixed deposits, bonds etc. have increased by 8% to 10%, whereas in the form of equity class equities, average annual returns have been given in the last 10 years. So, when inflation is killed, equity is undoubtedly your best bet

Source of Long-term wealth creation

Many of the investors are helped in building long-term wealth in our view of “Buy Right Seat Tight”. In the initial phase, investment in good business and development stories provides the unlimited farming capability. For example, your investment is Rs. In the Infosys IPO in 1993, you got Rs 1,000 Today, taking part in 30 lakh development stories will definitely have a chance


It is a financial tool that receives its value/value from the underlying assets. Basically, the underlying corpus is already made, which can include effects or a mix of different effects. If the value of underlying assets changes steadily, the underlying asset value will change. Classes of maximum investment and financial engineering strategies in the following three rounds:

  1. Options
    Options are contracts between parties to buy or sell a security at a given price. They are mostly used for trading of stock options, but it can also be used for other investments. If an investor buys the right to buy the property at a particular price during a specific period, he has purchased the call option. On the contrary, if he buys the right to sell the property at a particular price, then he has bought a put option.
  2. Futures
    Futures work as an alternative to the same base, however, the underlying security is different. Traditional futures are traditionally used to buy or sell goods, but it is also used to buy financial securities. In the future of the S & P 500 index is possible, or is linked to a specific interest rate.
  3. Swaps
    Swap gives investors an opportunity to change each other’s profits with their securities. For example, a party may have a bond with a fixed interest rate, but it is in a line of business where they have a reason to choose different interest rates. They can enter swap contracts with other parties to exchange interest rates.

Why Derivatives?

Take the benefits of equity one step further

The need for large capital investment capital to remove derivatives and allow you to take advantage of the market movements. It is an effective tool for you to get more liquidity than the highest assets they get leverage on the estimated market movement and manage your risks, estimates and returns in a relatively short period. You are bound to meet, but the compromise – a common agreement, parties can trade between two sides futures – These contracts are traded after a certain amount of time to buy fixed assets or prices or options or sales contracts.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage

You enable to get higher business interest with a lower margin amount

  • Hedging

If you are protecting the potential losses by hedging your position, then part of it, you buy it in cash segment and agree to sell the derivatives market or vice versa.

  • Risk Flexibility

Based on the estimated growth and declines of stock products, you choose to choose between orthodox or high-risk strategies.

  • Higher Probability of Returns

Garner Returns, despite the possibility of Market Morning Sub, Dawn or Sideway.


Latest commodity price quotes can be discovered from MCX & NCDEX in precious metals, base metals, energy and agricultural products. At the expiration dates, the price of gold, silver, crude oil, copper, soya bean, gram and other important items can be obtained from this page on MCX & NCDEX. Along with the current value, the quotation of various items on MCX & NCDEX can be found today’s, high, low, last closed and open price information. With each quotation, historical value movements of commodity futures contracts can be tracked in the last 6 months. MCX and NCDEX spot price quotes can also be found on this page. Recent prices of commodity futures can be identified at different end dates on MCX and NCDEX. In MCX and NCDEX, information about future contracts for things like aluminium, cardamom, aluminium, cotton, crude oil, gold, silver, copper and other commodity futures can be obtained. Get information about the last stop and compare the per cent change in the previous market price from the previous closure.

Why Commodities?

Diversify your portfolio for minimizing risks

Commodity trading brings the basket from different ways of investing away from the traditional way of equity bonds and real estate. Depending on the historical data, adding your current portfolio can increase your return. Objects with very little or negative correlations with other property classes


On MCX-SX & NSE, you can learn the future value of the dollar, yen, pound and euro. Various future contract prices can be known for dollars, yen, pounds and euro for different closing dates. Important market statistics of currency future can also be obtained on MCX-SX & NSE such as Gainer & Losers, Volume and Value Toppers, OI And Put Call Ratio. Information on future or alternative dollar quotes can be obtained on MCX-SX & NSE. With each quotation, historical value movements of currency futures contracts can be tracked in the last 6 months.

Why Currencies?

World ‘s largest market – Driven by fundamentals

Daily trends attract a market of $ 5.2 trillion, which is known as the world’s largest market, it is accessible 24 hours a day – this money is made up of the market! The advantage of small margins and low entry hurdles, you can trade in currencies with your existing equity account. Currencies derivatives are also very effective risk management tools.


Potential damage by securing your foreign currency exposure in trade and taking appropriate action


All three investment markets were thrown on the short-term movement of the currency shoe, long periods for the Alto offering for different currencies


Currency Exchange Rates Benefits in different markets and various exchanges Currency Exchange Rates Benefits in different markets and various exchanges


Allotment of 3-4% of the total value of the three-in-turn derivatives fund, by paying the full value of the margin of 3-4% of the total value of the three in-derivative derivatives funds, with the full trade value.

Portfolio Management Service

Portfolio Management Services is a customized solution for investing in equities and debt provided by experienced and professional fund managers. The advantage of this service is that you can choose to give discretionary powers to portfolio managers, to increase the likelihood of reducing the average / large/short cap in stock ideas supported in research at an average level, the portfolio stage outside the entry level.
Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a popular alternative to market monitoring in the High Networth Index (HNI) as Equity Investment Solution, SEBI has tightened the rules. In 2010, the regulator used the “High watermark theory” to use the portfolio from the rear as a management fee on the basis of profits. This means that the charging investor is charged because it is an actual addition to the capital issued by it. This is a special feature, which provides low-cost opportunities for optimization of returns generated by strong policy managers through strong policy records.
In the early stages of the industry, more transparency of donations, better access to information, factors identified in the initial stages of investment, PMS is essential for a comfortable journey to take advantage of the development story of every HNI portfolio.

Why Portfolio Management Services?

The portfolio management service offers the opportunity for professional management of your investment in order to provide continuous returns. It frees you from all monitoring difficulties with benefits like regular monitoring, robust risk management flexibility, and makes an ideal investment enterprise for high net worth investors.

Key Benefits

  • Strong and Active risk management
  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
  • Active and regular monthly review and portfolio rebalancing
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other
  • Additional purchase facility & Partial Withdrawal facility


An IPO or initial public offering is a great source of income for the company, which helps in its expansion. The entire process of filing and listing IPO is governed by the rules and regulations and it is important to be aware of the investor.
An initial public offering is a security transaction where the company for the first time represents a company stock for sale. This step changes the company’s status to the public by converting professional conclusions into private companies. Often reasons investors find it hard to invest in hot IPOs and there is a shortage of information about one of the important IPOs. For successful investment, the upcoming IPO and other aspects are important for keeping an initial public offering list.
An investor’s stock analysis is difficult for a new investor and thus it is very difficult for IPO analysis because more information is not available. The main source of IPO data is a document in red herring document which is studied simultaneously. Investors need to see general company information with the details of founders and management team, they should also know how to be used to earn money from the IPO.
JS Securities provides information about upcoming IPOs with necessary documents. Investors can get information about the most recent IPOs in the IPO and industry. Use of IPO overview helps determine whether you are on the right track of investment.

Why IPO’s

Participate Early In Growth Stories

The primary market offers investors the opportunity to buy a fair price share before its listing price. Apart from this, retail investors also get concessions rates while applying for an IPO, and also offers the opportunity to take part in the success of these companies to acquire stocks.

Key Benefits

  • Opportunity to get the stock at the lowest possible price
  • Can invest in the stock at the discounted price rather than the cut-off price.
  • No refund hassles under ASBA process
  • The probability of making profits on a listing is High
  • No Brokerage and Other Charges
  • Opportunity to be a part of the growth story of the issuing company